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Taylor Ant Control 

Facing troubles with ants on your property? Ants can quickly take over a room and cause annoyance. Taylor Pest Control Pros can take care of the ant infestation that you are experiencing. Call (855) 610-2936 now to discuss your ant control issue and talk to an ant exterminator who can assist.

Somerville Mice Control

Facing troubles with Mice on your property?Mice are cute until you have one or two running on the loose in your home. Somerville Pest Control Pros can take care of the ant infestation that you are experiencing. Call (855) 610-2936 now to discuss your ant control issue and talk to an Mice exterminator who can take care of the mouse issue quickly and efficiently.

Taylor Bed Bug Exterminator

If you are experiencing a problem with bed bugs on your residential or commercial property, you should pick up the phone and talk to an experienced bed bug exterminator. Taylor Pest Control Pros can take care of the ant infestation that you are experiencing. Call (855) 610-2936 now to discuss your Bed Bug control issue and talk to Bed Bug ant exterminator who can assist.

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Pest Control Services

Pest exterminator companies provide comprehensive and affordable pest control solutions, offering services to safeguard the interests of both home and business owners against rodents and insects.

Trained, experienced professionals can offer pest control services to deal with all kinds of pests, including bedbugs, cockroaches, spiders, ants, mice, birds and other flying pests.

Recently, effective pest control methods have been integrated to reduce pesticide use to a minimum. Non-chemical methods have become popular as more people become environmentally conscious.

Professional pest control services ensure compliance with laws and regulations regarding pest control for commercial facilities, especially food establishments.

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Our Services Are

We provide an array of pest control services. Our team of professional staff can eliminate any type of pest on your property. This includes:

  • ant control
  • cockroach exterminator
  • bed bug removal
  • bird removal
  • mice control
  • spider control

Services include preventive measures to deter birds from nesting on your roof, and we offer services to eliminate birds and other flying pests. We also assist in setting traps to address rodent infestations, such as rats. After eliminating the rodents, we educate you on measures for control to prevent future infestations.

In general, we provide expert services for all pests that might invade your home. With our professional advice, you can keep bothersome and destructive pests out of your home and business.Call Taylor Pest Control Pros today at  (855) 610-2936 to experience professional pest control services in Taylor MI.

Tailored to Your Custom Insect Situation

As part of our pest control services, we take you through the whole process and answer any questions you have. We explain all preparations required before pest control operations such as storing food and removing your pets and/or kids from the house.

The right control method depends on the type of pest infestation in your home or business property. Our team of professionals arrives on time to inspect your home and choose the best and safest pest control method for your property and infestation.

Our pest exterminator experts assess the size of your home and your exact needs to offer custom pest control services and satisfy your unique needs. Our experts will tour your property with you to inspect areas you’ve spotted the pests, then provide efficient treatment tailored to your needs.

Advantages of Hiring Professional Pest Control

Save on Time: Controlling pests on your own can be frustrating and time consuming. At times, even after trying out different control methods, the infestation persists. Instead of spending a lot of time and money, hire a professional to do the hard work for you.

A professional exterminator has experience dealing with pests and is thus most qualified to efficiently exterminate the pests within a short time.

Healthy Life: Hiring a professional exterminator is important for your health. Doing your own pest control exposes you and your family to health risks. Handling chemicals poses a risk to your pets, plants, and people around you, especially if you are not knowledgeable in pest control.

An expert can take care of the problem in a safe, professional manner, leaving your house pest free for a long time.

Warranties: By hiring a professional exterminator, you enjoy warranties you wouldn’t have if you did it on your own. Exterminator companies often offer an effectiveness guarantee. This means that if pests invade your property again within a certain period of time, the exterminator will come back to treat your property again at no additional charge. This is an assurance you won’t get when you spend money on traps and sprays from a store.

Saves on cost: Although the initial cost of hiring a professional may seem high, it means big cost savings in the long run. Many home owners battling an infestation buy treatment after treatment, dusts, baits, and sprays and never get rid of the problem—it just doesn’t work.

What’s worse, if pesticides are not effective, they can make the problem even worse. Continually buying ineffective pesticides get expensive, especially if they are not effective. You have to keep trying products to find what actually works. Save money by hiring a professional exterminator.

Exterminators Eliminate All Pests: A professional exterminator can identify pests in your home and come up with a working treatment for that particular infestation. A significant advantage is that professionals have the right training and experience needed to determine the best way to eliminate specific pests.

They optimize treatment and pinpoint the source of infestation. For instance, a bedbug exterminator searches for eggs to eliminate bedbugs completely. Qualified professionals determine the source of the problem and exact treatment required to protect your home from re-infestation. Call Taylor Pest Control Pros today at  (855) 610-2936 to experience professional pest control services in Taylor MI.

Common Pest Control Methods

Use of Pesticides: Pesticides are poisons that kill pests almost immediately. However, you should make sure the insecticide you buy is targeted for that particular pest. For instance, crawling pests are best targeted with powder while aerosol sprays are more effective for flying pests.

Be cautioned that pesticides are toxic and should be handled with care. While spraying, wear masks and gloves and be sure to wash your hands after spraying.

Use of Traps: Traps are mostly used to catch rodents and mice and are the safest method of removing rodents from your home. Some traps kill rodents immediately upon contact while others trap them until you can remove them from your property.

Biological Control: Biological methods eliminate pests without harming the environment. An organic agent is used to regulate the breeding cycles of pests in your home and stop them from multiplying. For instance, nematodes can be introduced into the soil to eliminate termites in that area. BTI, composed of bacteria, has been used to control mosquitoes.

Use of Poisoned Bait: Poisoned baits attract pests such as rats, termites, ants, and others, who seek it out as food. They ingest the substance, which kills them. However, the pests may sense the poison in the food and not eat it.

Natural Repellants: Natural deterrent methods include adding naturally mosquito repellant plants to your garden. The plants keep mosquitoes from entering your home. You can also apply oils such as citronella oil to your skin to repel insects.

5 Tips for Hiring a Pest Control Company

Get Referrals from Friends and Family: Asking your family and friends for referrals is the best way to find a good, trustworthy pest control company with a solid reputation. If you search for the company online, ask for references from people who have previously used the company’s services.

You should also ask after the company with the Better Business Bureau to find out if they have pending complaints from their clients. Has a friend referred you to an exterminator? Look them up. If their record is good with the BBB, you can trust them with your pest control needs.

Look for a Licensed and Certified Company: Always make sure you hire a company that is certified and licensed to provide pest control services. Employees should have identification, certification, and valid licensing. Research whether employees have annual training to update their skills and to keep their license current.

Hire a company that is bonded and insured to protect you in the event of damage and liability litigation. A company that is insured and bonded covers its employees. If an employee gets injured while working in your home, they are insured and the liability belongs to the company, not you or your homeowner’s insurance. You don’t have to be stressed about their safety while they are working on your property. Also, any damages that might occur during pest control is covered through the company’s policy. Rest easy knowing you’re free of liability when they come to your home. Call Taylor Pest Control Pros today at  (855) 610-2936 to experience professional pest control services in Taylor MI.

Knowledge and Experience: A pest control company’s employees are knowledgeable and have professional experience in handling pests. This means they’ll be in a position to answer all your questions. They dress and conduct themselves appropriately for the job and handle chemicals in a safe, professional way.

Inspection: You need to know just what type of pests are causing problems in your home. If you can’t identify them, an exterminator can conduct a thorough professional inspection to find out what kind of rodents, insects, or other pests are wreaking havoc in your home. Make sure the company you are thinking of hiring includes this service to get the right value for your money.

Get a Contract: Are you looking for an ongoing pest control service or a one-time service? Get the contract, read it carefully, and understand what its methods are before you sign it. Find out beforehand what methods the company intends to use for pest control. What chemicals do they use? Are there any environmentally friendly methods?

Make sure the chemicals to be used to remove pests in your home are properly labelled with safety precautions stipulated. Ask if documentation is available after finishing the job. Find out if the company has guarantees for their services and if the consultation fee is paid before, during, or after the services have been performed.

Contact us to find out more about our local pest control services in your area. Call Taylor Pest Control Pros today at  (855) 610-2936 to experience professional pest control services in Taylor MI.