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Apex Ant Control 

Facing troubles with ants on your property? Ants can quickly take over a room and cause annoyance. Apex Pest Control Pros can take care of the ant infestation that you are experiencing. Call (855) 610-2936 now to discuss your ant control issue and talk to an ant exterminator who can assist.

Apex Mice Control

Facing troubles with Mice on your property?Mice are cute until you have one or two running on the loose in your home. Apex Pest Control Pros can take care of the ant infestation that you are experiencing. Call (855) 610-2936 now to discuss your ant control issue and talk to an Mice exterminator who can take care of the mouse issue quickly and efficiently.

Apex Bed Bug Exterminator

If you are experiencing a problem with bed bugs on your residential or commercial property, you should pick up the phone and talk to an experienced bed bug exterminator. Apex Pest Control Pros can take care of the ant infestation that you are experiencing. Call  (855) 610-2936 now to discuss your Bed Bug control issue and talk to Bed Bug ant exterminator who can assist.

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Apex Pest Control Pros 

Pest Control Services

At some point, every home will need pest control. When you need it, don’t hesitate to contact a pest exterminator company to book fumigation and pest control services. The best pest control companies are equipped and skilled to offer high quality and safe pest control and extermination services.

If you spot one pest in your home, act fast because pests multiply quickly. If you hesitate and let time go by, the whole area can become heavily infested very fast. Pest control companies offer services such as:

  • ants control
  • mice control
  • cockroach exterminator
  • bed bug exterminator
  • spider removal
  • bird and flying pest removal

Our Services

We offer professional pest control and extermination services. We pride ourselves on providing effective and affordable pest control solutions to residential and commercial customers. Our services are provided by well-trained personnel who can handle any pest control effectively.

We offer bedbug extermination, ant control, mice control, cockroach extermination, spider removal, and bird and other flying insect removal services. Our pest control service providers are environmentally conscious. From our pest control services, you can rest assured that the things you value most are protected from invasion.

Our scheduled services are designed in such a way that they control pests when they are most likely to invade. Within three months intervals, we eliminate the existing problems and prevent recurrence. Call Apex Pest Control Pros today at (855) 610-2936 to experience professional pest control services in Apex NC.

Tailored to Your Custom Insect Situation

Our pest control services are tailored to fit your exact needs, whether you have a residence, business, or industrial facility. Ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, spiders, birds and other flying insects cannot only be dangerous but also cause serious structural damage. That is why pest control solutions are so important

All pests, mice, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, spider, birds and other flying insects require their own methods of extermination and control. The pests can be removed through exclusion, repulsion, physical removal, or chemical means. We also use biological methods such as sterilization programs. Call Apex Pest Control Pros today at (855) 610-2936 to experience professional pest control services in Apex NC.

Advantages of Hiring Professional Pest Control

Less Use of Pesticides. A professional usually uses pesticides and toxins as their last option. It is not always necessary. Unfortunately, when DIY is practiced, insecticide is applied inappropriately. Doing pest control on your own at home leads to misapplying toxins and causing more damage.

Fewer Illnesses. With pest control, it is easy to be exposed to diseases. Mice droppings and insect bites can spread diseases to you and your family. Use of pesticides can be harmful to you and your family. A professional will control and eliminate pests in your home in as safe and effective manner.

Less Scratching and Itching. Getting a company to take care of the pest situation in your property will put your mind and body at ease. Pests often bite the residents of a home or building that they invade. These bites can leave you scratching and uncomfortable for days.

Good Sleep. When you have pets in your home, you sometimes imagine them crawling all over you while you are sleeping. A pest professional can banish pests allowing you better sleep because you you’re not worried about them.

Building and Home Safety. Pests chew, gnaw, and burrow through wooden structures in your home. A pest professional can take care of the problem in an efficient, quick, and safe way to prevent costly damage.

Saving Money. Some pests, such as bedbugs, can be extremely resistant to pesticides. Don’t spend money on expensive and dangerous chemicals that may harm you and not even work properly. A professional provides a safe and effective method that prevents re-infestation. They control even the pests that seem unstoppable.

Become More Educated As A Consumer. It is important to learn pest behavior, habits, the places they hide in your home, and how they get into your home. A professional company can help prevent future invasions by providing you with all this information.

Common Pest Control Methods

Pest control is not a favorite topic to most people, but it should be part of everyone’s property maintenance list. For a long time, pest control has been a serious concern to people. Pests attack crops, food, furniture, carpets, and people as their food source. The following are the most common pest control methods:

Traps. You can use traps to catch mice and rodents. It is one of the safest pest control methods. Some traps kill the pest upon contact. Others keep them alive, allowing you to remove them humanely from your home. Call Apex Pest Control Pros today at (855) 610-2936 to experience professional pest control services in Apex NC.

Poisonous Bait. Poisonous bait is a standard method that kills rats, ants, termites a,nd many other pests. The pests are attracted to it, and when they ingest the poisonous bait, it kills them. Sometimes, when the pest knows there is poison in the food, it avoids eating it.

Pesticides. Pesticides act as poison and kill pests immediately. It is best to know if the insect flies or crawls before applying it. Crawling insects are best treated with powders while flying insects are best sprayed with aerosol sprays. A major disadvantage of using pesticides is that they are toxic and must be handled with care to avoid poisoning.

Biological Pest Control Methods. This method can get rid of pests without destroying or causing serious harm to the environment. Biological pest control prevents pests from multiplying.

For example, you can use larvicide composed of toxin-producing bacteria to control mosquito larvae. You can also introduce nematodes in the soil around your home to reduce termite populations.

Natural Repellants. You can consider using natural repellants instead of buying chemical insect repellant products. Place mosquito repellant plants in your garden to keep mosquitoes away from your home. Use oils such as citronella, applying them on your skin, to keep away insects.

Hygiene as a Pest Control Method. When the house is kept clean with no food for the pests to feed on, this greatly reduces the number of pests invading your home. Practice good hygiene such as putting all rubbish in the bin, cleaning up after meals, making sure your toilet is clean, and keeping food containers secure with tight-fitting lids.

Tips to Hiring a Pest Control Company

The Technician. Before a pest control provider enters your home, you need to ask them to show you their identification, license, and certification. Ensure these documents are current. The government requires every technician to be certified and participate in annual training to keep the license up to date.

Research. Research the company to determine if it is branded and insured. This is important because it ensures your property and the company are protected. Check the company’s website to determine if it is professional and knowledgeable. If the values corresponds with your own, then you can feel comfortable using their services.

Knowledge. The technician should be knowledgeable enough to answer your pest control questions. If there’s a question the technician can’t answer off hand, it’s important for him to say that he will find out and let you know rather than making something up on the spot.

References. Before contacting a pest control company, you can ask your family members, friends, and even neighbors to refer you to a good exterminator. Check with your local or national pest control association. If you do not find any information about the company, you can ask them to provide you with references and call the customers provided.

Safety. Learn more about the materials and the methods to be used to treat the pests. If the company suggests a chemical, trouble shoot your issue, ask for the name, and ask to see the label. You can never know if you do not ask whether the chemical might affect your family and pets.

Professional Appearance. When a pest control firm sends a technician to your home, they should wear uniforms to give an overall professional appearance. The truck, equipment, and chemicals should make you feel comfortable about working with them.

Contract. If you are hiring a professional pest control company, make sure you talk to the sales representative about available options according to your needs. Will you need quarterly services or monthly services? Sometimes, you might need frequent services to manage the problem and then start a less frequent one after the infestation has been contained. Understand the contract before you put your signature on it.

Warranty. Many pest control companies give a guarantee. If you are given a guarantee, you should check what it covers, what you must do to continue having it, and the type of continuing control, prevention, and management that is necessary.

High-Pressure Sales Techniques. Be warry of a company that offers too-good-to-be-true bargains. Be careful with businesses that invite themselves into your home and offer to do a free inspection for pests or pressures you to have costly treatments.

Price. If a company offers you the lowest price, that does not always mean the best deal. If they promise to fix your problem in just one service and it still exists, that is not cheap. You will have to start again with another company, meaning you pay way more in the end.

Contact us today to find and hire professional pest control services in your local area. Call Apex Pest Control Pros today at (855) 610-2936 to experience professional pest control services in Apex NC.